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From age 5, my career was crafted for me with the love of watching and helping my auntie in her salon.  Folding towels and sweeping up hair every summer turned into learning how to braid and section on the mannequin head.  And when the mannequins became real people after the years, I am shown every day within this career how much I belong in it, the universe has directed me to this path where I am making people feel beautiful, connecting with strangers who oh so quickly become my friends, and getting to do art all day! I’ve found my passion for vivid colors, (especially red 🍒) Lived in blonding, and natural looking red heads.  Of course i’m here to do your hair, but i want to know the ins and outs of my clients.  I want to be the shoulder you lean on and the person you just need to let it all out to.  I’m here for you AND your hair 🫶

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